Wheel Spin Pulls

What a suprise
For the 3rd week in a row i get jamal murray
not to bad i’ll take any mt i can get


Diamond contracts

After three attempts I finally got exactly who I wanted.


Wanted Jamal, got 10 tokens. Today I’m going for Bol Bol so I’ll definitely take it.

25 tokens

Some cheap shoe

25 tokens

I think today or tomorrow will be my first ever spin. Would probably like to get contract, Murray, Paschall, MT in that order.

10 Tokens :nauseated_face:

Diamond foam weathermans.

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5k mt

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Useless Paschall. Anything auctionable would have been better.

womp womp womp… 5K MT

Opal Kenny Smith. That has to be the most trash GO I’ve seen on this game.

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meyers leonard

2nd Opal Paschall, trash 5000 mt quick sold

6’8 PF/C PJ Washington

25 tokens.

10 tokens

5000 tokens