What's your pack luck like so far?

In this year…I’ll say I’ve spent about $125 ,so long being NMS liek I said lol but I have a slightly above average income IMO, so I’m okay with it

From what I can remember I’ve pulled

PD Magic Single $$ Pack
Diamond Gasol - $$ Pack
Diamond Lebron - MT Pack
Diamond PG13 - MT Pack
Diamond Weathermans - $$ Pack
Diamond PG 2K17 - TTO Pack
Amy Moments Embiid - MT Pack (First pack ever)
Amy Moments KAT - MT Pack
Random Amys - Kawhi, Russ, Dray, Hedo

and a handful of Amys

But I’ve pulled 3 diamonds, and I’m sure lost of you have pulled more but I’m pretty happy with that lol

$200 so far and I got one Oscar.

I’ve spent at least $300 to this point in 2K19. My only good pulls are:

  • Diamond Jermaine O’Neal
  • Heat check LeBron James
  • 2 diamond Gasols
  • 1 diamond Blake from token pack

I always have terrible luck, not only with packs, but life in general. I spend so much money year after year and have never once felt that I got my money’s worth after a single damn pack opening.

Probably about 200 and I’ve only pulled Dave Bing and Jokic and a couple Amy’s smh

Ouch =/

Almost $300 and got:

  • Diamond Blake when he first dropped - sold for 80K I believe
  • Diamond Steph when he first dropped - sold for 300K+
  • Diamond Marc Gasol
  • Amy Baron Davis When the game came out along with a Diamond Contract.
  • Darryl Griffith when he first came out

when I packed for Magic, I was orignally going for Kobe

I bought 200k VC and didn’t pull anything, $45 and nothing.

VC was on sale that day so it was 7,99 for a usual 10 dollars of VC.

Those single packs got me Magic, that salvaged that opening, if I didn’t put that extra 10 in, I would have hated myself lol

So it was bittersweet

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Like $100 but $70 is from MyCareer

So far I pulled

  • PD Giannis
  • PD Blake, single pack
  • 3x Diamond Kyrie
  • Diamond Harden
  • Diamond Gasol
    And a whole bunch of amys.

this Year has been so amazing as far as pack luck goes. I’ve spent 150 on the game and recently have just been doing vc glitch and not givIng this company money. I’ve pulled 3 klays, 2 grangers, 3 Gianni’s. I have 2 mil mt now after selling all of that and I still have a Giannis in my collection. There is no reason for me to spend any more money on this game since I have 2mil so I’m really happy with how this year is going so far for me.

Lmao same thing happened to me when Allen iverson cane out. Was running out of vc and had yet to pull him so I said “why don’t I just buy 10 dollars more see if I get him. And I did so day was made

$20 Xbox gift card from redeemed Microsoft points: PD Magic

Hard earned Money: 2 Gasols and a Amethyst Butler!

4 20boxes and didnt get a single PD kareem. Lol.

Can’t lie, I’ve pulled alot of good stuff this year. Only felt bad when I pulled soooooooo many magic packs and didn’t get him. Sniped him with shoes and contract tho.

Like $600

PD Giannis
PD Kareem Sig
5 D Kobes but no magic :confused:
D Bron older
PD Big Ben
D Jermaine
D Clyde
D Dwight x2
Couple other Diamonds and a shiiiiiiiittttttttttttt ton of Amy’s

Getting pretty close to $300 now and I’ve pulled Amy AD and 3 Amy Draymonds…

Trash on magic packs so I quit till @star5CR34M (the pack whisperer) gave me the lucky tip for pg13

I pulled an AI first pack with mt also

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Pd giannis
D kobe
A jamal crawford
A draymond
A Stackhouse
R kareem
R Stephen jackson
R ingles
R derozan
R butler

And whole load of other rubies including 3 Kerry kittles out of that week’s throwback packs.

Only spent vc earned from grinding career and my Mt from dom because in the Netherlands we don’t have the auction house.

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No Money Spent: :innocent: VC Glitch
(Started Playing Blake Time)
2 PD Blake
1 PD Magic
1 Di Old LBJ
1 Di New LBJ
1 Di Granger
1 Di Big O
1 Di Dwight
1 Di Clyde
1 Di Davis
1 Di Kyrie

  • Shoes Contracts Amy Etc.
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Living up to your name.:rofl::joy::ok_hand:

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Hahaha yeah bro just got lucky for being a First time MyTeam Player :innocent:

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