What's Your Full Court Press Strategy?

Last night I had about 31 dunks on some guy pressing me full court. 31!! That’s 62 points plus 3-4 and-1s. Lol.

That’s not isolated.

Since this new season began, about 90-95% of my games on PS4 are against peeps pressing me full court. And I end up with 20-25+ dunks/game plus the easy win.

Is everybody just braindead now. Never seen pressing this rampant.

And none that I recall have an actual strategy. ZERO! (0-for-30ish this season)

They either:

  1. Try to steal the inbounds – my wing has a free path to the rim or a big breaks free for a football pass dunk
  2. Hang back with their center in the paint and wait – my center is open for a transition 3
  3. Hover in mid court with center – my ball handler drives past center for dunk or kickout to corner if help comes

That’s basically every possession of every MTU game I play right now. What’s incredible is they stick with the press even as I break it and dunk and dunk over and over again on them. Only a couple saw this and actually stopped pressing. Lol.

Usually these teams are way better than mine, too. I’m running one Opal (Westbrick, only to use v the press) with PDs and a Ds. And these all Opal teams with AD, Kawhi, T-Mac plus the dentist, etc, would absolutely be an nightmare in half court but in full court it’s a breeze.

I’ll run full/half court sometimes just to throw them off their 5-out flow. That’s mine. But I don’t understand why so many are employing this strategy when it’s so much better with these jacked cards to play half court against someone like me who can’t really dribble and can’t screen cheese (I just run plays and picks).

I get that in a way you trade 2s for 3s, but on offense you have to hit your 3s because I’m missing maybe 8 shots/game.

I guess maybe they think I’ll run 5-out or call plays (they don’t know that for sure b/c they are pressing from the tip).

Or I guess half court D is too tough.

I dunno. I know Ty and Splash do it and the rest of the comp scene, so it’s a copycat game, but they often do it with a purpose, with aggression. Not the guys I play. Set, forget and hope.

I guess I’m okay with it since I’m 8-1 in the diamond league, but it gets monotonous to just dunk, dunk, dunk over and over again. Maybe I’m just especially talented at breaking it…dunno. Lol.

So for those that do press (and clearly many, many do), why do you do it? What triggers it? When do you do it?

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They watched Tydebo and those other guys full press in the tournament and now they think they can do it lol

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I only do it if I’m losing.

OP swears he’s the man rn :sob::sob:

I just do it to stop momentum… changing man to man, zone, full court, half court all the game mostly.

Not many can adapt, or have a different gameplan if the 5out-curry slide braindead cheese aint working.

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My strategy is to stop playing the game entirely.


This is the most annoying and boring thing to go against …
It’s so boring , score all the time the same way to beat the press .
You shouldn’t be able to press more than 3possessions per quarter or something

Fullcourt press/trap should only be available in last 1min of first 3 qs & free in 4th. Maybe 1m in unltd, 2 in ltd but it should be limited depending on the mode.

Why don’t real teams press for the entire game?

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I think my players start out a little tighter in the half court when I press. That’s probably the main reason I do. Plus 2k has trained me to be toxic and say that I’m not. Pause

I press people that spam step back 3s. Or when they have a slower team than mine. That’s it

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Let them keep doin it… They’ll learn eventually… Hopefully

Some do

iF they arnt guarding you personally with the person guarding your wing they dont know what they are doing press can really fk someone up in 4 plays as it starts to work more often more mistakes happen on other player side as 2 fast of passes

also alot of people run press so people dont just 5-out lmao it works well in this aspect as well if they didnt press you could just 5-out all game and iso with westbrick tell you meet a been simmons

Im not seeing all video , teams full courting all hMe ? They will be drained by half time

most of the time other team is drained to form running against it unless they run with there bench

Idk man I change up my D consistently throughout the game. I usually start in normal man and when I feel the algo shifting either for or against me i throw on press. Honestly if you run athletic bigs press is elite. I usually hang around mid court with the player on ball aka the passer. I then try to bump steal with him as I switch to the ball handlers player who I run behind (straight back) to cover for the 75%+ I miss the bump steal. At that point I get into my general D. The one thing I love about pressing is in the half court actually, I feel like my players press and get in lanes more often when I press. Outside a game her and then this is my strategy and I have about a 85% win rate with my best team. I don’t try to lower my overall (at least not yet hahah)

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