Whats your favorite playbook?

Since i’m 6k away from Porzingod i’ll think i’ll just play the round practicing plays. Whats your favorite playbook and why? Hopefully theres one more season

Warriors for this specific corner 3pt play called quick 2 zip hammer or someshit. can activate HOF dimer from the pass, HOF corner specialist, catch and shoot + drd.

Also has a nice play quick 1 elevator rip that i run as an indirect 3pt for players that don’t have 3pt plays (Kobe’s etc)

I just use this playbook for any 3pt plays ONLY, it has an arsenal of them, otherwise i just enjoy freelancing with ball movement.

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what freelance do you like using?

just been using pace + motion cuts since 2k16 w/ pick and roll primary focus for dat wing 3pt cheese.

Does that mean youre manual calljng for the pnr?

both, setting the primary focus as PnR - freelance gives you a bunch of on ball screens without calling for them, but I still manually call. This just works well with how i play, drive > dish out > move ball