Whats your biggest regret/mistake in 2k20 myteam

Lets face it, we all fucked up here and there every year, what is your biggest regret/mistake made in 2k20?

for me:

  1. bought GO giannis day 1 at 1.6 mil, sold him over the weekend because his btb wasnt the same with the glitched one, 2k patched it monday and now hes 2.5 mil
  2. didnt go for collection level rewards, didnt know there will be series 2 current, which make getting dwade/AD possible even tho i am a nms player, its too late to do that now even tho i probably have enough resources to pull it

Spending 200k on packs with MT when Kawhi dropped…

i am actually disappointed at these prime series players
back in 2k19 i rmb the anniversary players are always the best ones at that stage of the game
but prime series is just meh, the only good one i can think of is pd tmac when it came out.
arguably ben as well but glitched giannis already exist when he dropped and magic came not long after
Kawhi dropped when there is rudy gay, glen rice, derozan and GO giannis so i never thought of getting him anway


Packs for sure.

I went into the year saying I was going to spend less and focus more on building a team through the AH.
Well… Life and shit. Lol.
I’m too damn busy to live in the AH this year, so I ended up doing too many pack openings. Thing is, I got screwed more times than not.

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Spent 700k on packs when showtime dropped. Now I can’t afford KAJ. Shambles.


Playing it.


For me it would be going for the collector level. They always drop an upgraded version of the players and you can just buy those. Could’ve had millions of mt without going for collector levels and I didn’t even make it halfway to AD

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Forgetting to log on on a dry day once a week the past 3 weeks and not getting my weekly spin lol (happened again yesterday cause I was busy and didn’t want/need Rose)

Being impatient on Tatum and then Kawhi comes right after and tanked his price. Then bought Kawhi for an L too.

Lastly, I’d of rather locked showtime than takeover, but it’s not really regret.

I didn’t play all year, but once I did, I made pretty good financial decisions for the most part, so this year is an outlier on regrets lol

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I second that motion! :joy:

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Spending 300k mt on the Flash 7 packs and just getting 5 rod stricklands.

Not going for Opal Wade early but PD Wade and Opal Glen Rice eased the pain.

I’ve made a few errors but thankfully nothing I couldn’t recover from.

Earlier in the year I accidentally fumbled the controller and locked in the Jason Kidd spotlight set while it was at its most expensive. I thought I’d never recover from that At the time.

Opening packs with my Mt is a pretty big one too. I haven’t packed anything of high value since around moments of the week 3. Still haven’t seen that opal glow.

Recent regret is grabbing glitched Shaq for 780 when showtime was leaked. I thought I got a deal only to see his price drop further when the card was announced. I thought it was one of those situations where the pre pack drop hype crashes the market more so then the pack drop. I was wrong.

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Spent 150k vc from park In showtime packs, getting all cards except opals.

Getting Rice instead of Wilt in the MTU event.

Well it was VC from the park, so not much of an L there unless you’d of wanted to use it on boosts ig?

not getting wade really annoys me as well
any other year i would never even dream of getting 2800 cards
but with the addition of current series 2, ornament ball, all the spotlight rewards it is actually possible for nms players

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Have used in deluxe packs. Next time I’ll open superpacks.

actually, redeeming tony parker only to find out the btb patch next day hurt as well

I don’t regret anything

Evo’ing Jerome Kersey. By far my biggest regret. Spent sooo many hours for nothing.

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Caring about PotM except Rice.

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