Whats yall experience with offerup

I’m seeing playstation 5s up there for 600 and less, but I’ve never purchased anything thru them, they have a purchase protection in place but idk if ppl can find ways to get around that, i know to keep it all in the app, don’t do payment outside of the app. I just want to make sure they can’t just delete their account once payment is sent

Just meet in person bro lol…

And only with someone with a half decent rep.

Don’t do it bro. I was looking on there too it’s not worth it for the potential of getting finessed

Only like a week or two till retailers restock


I have 30+ sales and buys never been finessed.

Just meet in person.


It would have to be shipped. There’s no one selling them for under $900 in South Carolina, I checked. I don’t think it’s worth it to have it shipped

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Meet in person. That’s my advice too. Don’t pay ahead of time. That’s asking for a scam

I’ve never been finessed either after selling shoes there in person. But you have to keep in mind you’re in Cali, SC doesn’t get any love. Almost all the ps5s on OfferUp are shipping from Cali

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Yea there isn’t really any below 800 here that aren’t scams either sooo.

Even in LA.

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I’m seeing ones for $550 shipping from Cali and other places and I just don’t buy it

If I had a ps5 a day after release no way I’m selling for retail. Which is why I’m skeptical I’ve been looking on there all morning

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There’s not a single person selling from SC for a reasonable price, and even then it’s only 1 or 2

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P sure they are fake bro.

None of the pages have any rep.

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My man about to be shipped a box full of flour and bricks


Yea I’m looking for in person ppl, but they are few and far between, at this point I can’t even bother trying to order from a store online, they ran by bots, I’m willing pay $600 for one if I can get it in person but even with that, nobody local has any for that price they all 1k

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But isn’t that the point of the whole protection thing, if the product we received isn’t what was advertised, we would be refunded right?

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I got my Xbox series s on Facebook marketplace. Was 100 more than usual. But got it delivered. Same day

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I would be more wearer about Facebook more then anything

u got one for 700 CAD? damn im jealous. i ordered one for 600 from walmart but it keeps getting delayed. wondering now if i should have bought from a scalper for cheap

Nice but a gamble

I mean I’m meeting in person and seeing the Xbox before I pay dunno how that is a gamble? Just be smart. Find people who have other sales on FB marketplace as well

I got the series s for 520 instead of 420

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