What's With All The Blocks?

Just started playing this game on Saturday, so it hasn’t even been a week. Did my first Limited run, then played some Draft mode this week. A couple things that standout compared to past 2Ks:

  • Yes, defense is greatly improved…though it’s early in the cycle.
  • Lots and lots of offball with the opp just usering his center the whole time on D.
  • What’s will all the blocks…seems like every other possession there’s a block involved. Even offline in Dom. It’s way, way to OP.
  • At least online, a lot of this players with weak badging and 70s 3 ball are automatic when open…that’s a bad sign once OP cards come up next week (kidding on the OP cards).
  • Plays work OK, like 50%…other times these silver brick walls don’t do anything
  • What’s the cheese? Saw guys on D doing the sprint to the hoop once you take a shot for the quick outlet… lots of stepback 3 nonsense… screen cheese…full court press… PnR cheese… back cuts… but nothing too OP, nothing too annoying…but the cheese will evolve.

Overall: Gameplay is improved (though very early in the cycle) and the cheese is limited which is nice, but that’s all gonna change. I do wish they’d tone down the blocks – it’s too much. I also feel like in past 2Ks that the speed difference isn’t there. In an open court, Shawn Bradley should not be able to stay in front of, or keep up or catch my PG. The AI D is too fast.

I haven’t clicked unlimited or TTO yet, so maybe that experience is different. I also haven’t played much post. But the little I have seems unproductive with the blocks, missed layups and midgets like terrel brandon getting stops/blocks on my Moses Malone.

Blocks get reasonable when u have necessary offensive badges. It’s better than fouls in every possention anyway, gameplay is more fluid.

gameplay is much better this year. but sometimes the rate of 3s is too much. faced 2 cheesy mofos who were like 8/9 from 3s in one quarter… an these were pretty contested…

Try taking a few more layups instead of dunks. I agree that chase down blocks are op like jumping from the 3 point line, haha. but all other blocks I’m ok with. Lay ups get off quicker than dunks, a lot of blocks are coming from slower dunk animations.

like the blocks myself gotta plan if you want midget in paint

3s are a problem for me on triple threat online. As far as 5v5 play, im making lots of players struggle. I set defends on tight/tight then modify smother on 3 point players. Live by the 3 and die by it. They still hit them but not enough to beat me. They usually just get frustrated and rage quit.

People have to accept that maybe pulling up for an open middie is preferable to trying to sex Mutombo :point_up: Think about mismatches in a real sense, don’t go flying in the paint undersized into the teeth of the defense.


tbh i love it
This is a video game we talking about here so it is actually very difficult for the devs to make it realistic without messing it up
in other words, either blocks are op, or we have the same thing from previous 2k where everyone is rim running early on, or worse, its RNG based and that would really mess up the competitive scene

not saying blocks op is absolutely great in the long run but rimrunning has been op since 2k18 and i’d love to see a change

also, @star5CR34M is on point, pulling up from the mid range should be the move, instead of holding down R2 and get a dunk/foul every play


Driving to the rim seems broken. My J Rich could have little Van Fleet beat by 2 steps and he still comes flying in for the chase down. On the other hand my Marbury has some of the best blocks you’ve ever seen

I pretty much try to focus on shutting down Duncan. Double him if needed then it comes down to getting the block at the buzzer which usually happens. Lol. Pretty arse.

Mid court is a great option, but few do it.

Some of the dunk/layup contest or block animations are just insane brutal!!! if mutumbo/ ibaka or whoever is 3 steps behind beal or anyone pretty quick with 30-40+ speed on them they should not be able to slide across the floor with 1 step glitch and leap to block you from the free throw line… on top of that any player with a wide open rim or court ahead of them on fast break practically falls on there face like they have 50 speed and are the only bronze card in game lmao I won’t even get started on shot contest showing up from 3-5ft away either hopefully some good patches come soon!!

I pove all the blocks. I just hate that some players i have go for a dunk and get blocked from behind. I mean its not my choice that they wind up. I wish they would just fo straight up.

This is what i am doing, forced to do so actually with a fully badged Cp3. I have a Mutombo of my own as well.

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I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again - At this stage of the game, Mutombo is the best paint protector I’ve ever used in MyTeam.

Im embracing the blocks. Made a centre build for it lol