What's up with these overpriced packs?

A 2k pack costs around $5 in real money. It costs $20 to open a 10 pack box and $40 for a 20 pack box. If the box is deluxe, it’d be $40 just for 10 packs. I remember years ago that my dad bought me some pokemon cards. A pack had 10 cards in it and you were guaranteed a shiny and a rare card. It costed only $5. Those are actual physical cards that can last generations. These virtual cards, however, have a lifespan of about 2 years. For most people, they only play with these cards for a few months and then pay $60 for the next 2k. These virtual items are way too overpriced for what they are. You have a better chance of pulling a GX in 3 packs than an Invincible Tmac in 50 packs.

To add salt to the wound, every $5 Pokemon card pack has like 7 Pokemons and 3 energy cards or assist cards. 2k packs on the other hand, only give you 1 player most of the time each pack and if you pull a second player, it’s most likely a 750 mt card.

I wouldn’t mind it if they made each 2k pack cost a dollar but even then, they have to raise their odds. .0005% for the best card is not it in a virtual video game.


I have to agree, everytime I think about buying packs or a box with vc, I look at the real world cost, and am completely turned off. Given how bad the pack odds are as well it’s disgusting.

If they atleast halfed the price of packs, but without making the odds any worse, they’d probably make some extra money off me. But at the current price, it’s fool me once, shame on me.

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Don’t forget the real cards are called trading cards. You have a dupe you can trade with your friends.

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Don’t buy VC for Packs. You can make a team that can compete with God Squad using good ol’ budget players. The game also gives really got reward cards for spotlights, limited, season rewards and stuff.

This is so very true. My problem is that Fomo kicks in. Especially after a bit of a rough patch in unlimited. But nothing cures Fomo like winning! Especially when you get a big time win over an AMS invincible lineup!

How about don’t buy VC at all. I already paid $150 AUD for the game and they aren’t getting another cent out of me.

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Yes that’s the fun part.

i think its fine to buy VC too upgrade your myPark player, at the start they have damn 40 ovr in every stat, so u could just give a little boost by upgrading their attributes.

Same and even spending 150 worth still doesn’t even feel like you got the full $150 worth