What's the secret to hitting wide open shots?

I’m so tired of hearing “WIDE OPEN… NO GOOD!” from the ingame commentary. What’s the secret to hitting wide open shots? I can’t green every single one. I barely take any 3s because they just don’t go in.


Step 1: Turn shot meter off

Done :slight_smile:


How does that help?

Adds a boost. Watch this video VERY eye opening


If you use tv, maybe change it to the monitor, better response time

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Some guys just have shitty shots.
Jerry West has 99 3 with a coach he can only hit a 3 if you green it.
Even in freestyle. Only way he hits a 3 is if it’s green

I’m in a game, just turned it off and I’ll see what happens

Nvm my opponent left. I was 3/3 from 3 though so that’s nice lol


The only thing I hate about turning off the shot meter is free throws. I wish there was an option to have it off for jumpers and on for free throws. I just haven’t gotten use to it I guess. I am use to looking at the meter for free throws and shooting a little early to counteract the lag.


Glsd it helped! :slight_smile:

:joy: For sure the best 2K game ever People wondering how to hit wide open shots :rofl:


Greening them is the only way. I have always played with meter off and I guarantee I don’t crack 45% from 3. My best shooters are Tmac at 42 and Frye at 38.5


Turn off shot meter. Memorize the release. Played games all yesterday with it off and slowly getting used to it. Also noticed a lot of people I played had it off too.

Free Throw only option needs to be patched in.


Yeah, turning the shot meter off benefits you once you know all the releases.
My problem is that I like shooting moving shots, fades and all the other stuff and release speeds are so inconsistent with those.

Another tip is don’t shoot before the shooter receives the ball.
Press the shoot button once ball catching animation is over. If you start shooting before that, you’ll miss most of the time.


Yeah moving shots are tough. I also miss so many lay ups because I have time those without the meter.

“Press the shoot button once ball catching animation is over. If you start shooting before that, you’ll miss most of the time.”

Ill try to make sure I focus more on this.

I do this A LOT. I’m already pressing the button while the pass is in mid-flight. Bad habit that’s tough to break.

I just recently turn the meter off – i never looked at it anyway on jumpers. Results overall have been better - one game i somehow shot 10/13 from 3. But then the next day I go 3/14.

It just seems based on the lag/latency the timings continuously change.

Also, with the meter off my free throws are a mess. And that’s especially bad when you miss the second b/c it feels like an immediate fast break transition bucket the other way.

I wish there was a way to practice free throws or at least have the meter turned on when you are at the line.

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Went 3/3 on 3s my first game until guy quit. I went 2/13 from 3 in the next game with meter off lol. It’s kinda hard tbh

I gotta be honest, I haven’t played the game yet, but this sounds awesome that shots are hard to hit. It’s been too ridiculous the last few years with the limitless 3’s and I’m sure once PDs and GOs have 95+ 3pt shot the game will play better. I hope this doesn’t get patched before I get it.

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The game is awesome like this I can actually sag off a bad shooter can you believe it !!!


Shot meter off is the way to go. Even Chris Smoove is hip to it now

For me playing with the meter off for so many years, i just naturally learn all my players’ animations and its paying off. My shooters are killing it…once you learn the animation timing online, you can green most of your shots believe it or not

This year you can’t expect to drain a ton of 3’s with just anybody. You have to find your shooters, find the release you like and work through them. Diamond JR is the best shooter in the game to me, then Ray Allen or Diamond Hondo


Klay Thompson and Ray Allen are bad shooters lol?