Whats the quickest way to get diamond Melo?

Im sure he’ll get a better card but i dont care, whats the quickest way to obtain him? Also should i be saving all of my cards towards collection bonuses for tokens?


If you finish domination you should have around enough for him. Far from quick though

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Grind domination, and then lock all sets with this tuesday’s crash (if you don’t care too much about mt)

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I just got the game yesterday so i only have like maybe 50 players i could put in sets, i guess i should just sell them all and get ruby melo for now? Dom is gonna take a long ass time lol

There is a sapphire Melo in the rookie sensations set, I used him at the beginning of the game. He’s a little expensive compared to some other cards but he’s good (although sometimes gets lost on D)

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Im not ripping any more packs after last nights $50 i spent so the rewards melo is probably the best version i can achieve this year.

There’s only a sapphire melo i think, and he should be really expansive, so maybe it’s better to just grind dom in order to make mt and try to finish sets this tuesday with the mt you’ll have

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What did you get from the 50$ bundle?

Which sets though? Im a complete noob rn lol

Sets probably from just starting

Yea the domination grind is the easiest and cheapest but some of those games are sweaty as hell. Melo and Peja are still good cards, Rashard aint bad. Almost all the amythests are trash

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The cheapest sets to complete are usually the ones in the market right now (so throwback Cavs/spurs) would currently be the most inexpensive

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And ty for the suggestion!:blush:

You lucky son of a bitch :rofl:

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I don’t know: it depends on which crashes harder on tuesday. However i can say that every silver you’ll manage to get for under 2k will be really good in terms of completing that set

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I Remember last years dom there was a few sweaty ass games but i got them done, is this dom more difficult?

Thanks guys i have alot of figuring out too do.

i would recommend the historic laker and celtics as you can find those for really cheap right now. the cavs and spurs aren’t cheap because nobody opened those packs

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