Whats the point of having an app thats so garbage that

… so trash id rather wipe my ass with the locker code screen on my phone, and id probably get luckier and maybe not get a network error

5 FUCKIGN ERRORS and then i just gave up, a 97 mitchell aint worth me almost gronk spiking my phone

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Gronk spiking ur phone :joy::joy::joy: dude u just gotta tell urself to not get fired up. Cuz i promise u bro they dont give a shit abt u. Or any of us. They to busy rollin around in all the money they makin on microtransactions


I got in within like a minute??

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Breathe in. Breathe out.

im overseas so idk what the app does… i know my wifi wasnt having any errors

i was just done after it, luckily its just a diamond and i return to the USA tomorrow

not missing another code just to spite them

You’re overseas and you’re worried about 2K?

On holiday chilling before classes hahah… bored