What's the move at PG?

can’t get down with AI

Ruby Drose :grimacing:


If not drose, sapphire Dfox / Ruby Russ.

If u dont want a speedy creator emerald harper

Amy Kevin Johnson once u get to that board


Dfox, barbosa, harper, MRR

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I run AI and Scott Skiles they are killing it for me

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Ray Richardson, Rob pack.


Robert Pack is really fun, can shoot, dunk, and defends well

https://2kmtcentral.com/20/players/8181/morris-peterson anyone know how to get this?

detailed a thread here as I was contemplating which were the best options to go for asap.

thing is when HTB first got him he wasn’t particularly loving the defense. but I haven’t watched his streams since

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I second Harper for all us poor folk. I dunno how much he costs but SA Wall does good work for me. And GD Pat Beverly is a dawg on D.

SA De’Aaron Fox looks really solid, to me, too.

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I’ve been starting Magic, Kidd off the bench. Before I got both of those I was doing Westbrook with Lillard off the bench

Ray Richardson I second. You can actually feel the defense on this card. Also big player build.

good lord mrr defense looks stupid ima give him a try

Dfox very worth the MT. Quick first step, stop n go, and down hill together is just incredibly OP not to mention he can dunk and hit 3s and i think might even have bronze clamps

Hes my second fav pg in the game after rose

Shame tt offline doesn’t work, Jason Williams would be nice. Hof quick first step, unpluckable and some other nice badges

Made the mistake of sagging way off of Fox in one MTU game against him. Corrected that mistake after two swished treys.

Curious about the next time I run into him if I can post up effectively on him with EM Harper and Shot Close over him. Fox’s Interior D is terrible, Contest is bad, low Strength, and gives up 3" to Harper. Prolly not.

Jason Kidd is not bad this year at all. I’ve used him as my starting PG in about 3 Dom games, and he is a top notch passer with some nice layups and a solid mid and 3 point shot. His release is not fantastic (or terrible either), but that’s the case with just about every card I’ve used so far.

…but AI is still my favorite. He zips around everyone, and has one of the “quicker” shots I’ve seen so far in 2K20. Fox is nice AF. I gave Lillard a shot, but I didn’t particularly like him all that much… his defense sucks ass.


Leandro Barbosa is the fastest card in the game by far. Excellent if you don’t mind his lack of dunking ability


Decent release too, can dribble like a normal pg

What scares me with him is the lack of defense and 60 lat quickness