What's the most pointless badge you've seen on a card?

Not counting personality badges what’s the most pointless badge you’ve seen on a player?
Got my daily login IT Pack and got Gold Rick Mahorn, despite having 35 Mid-Range and 25 3PT he has Bronze Pick&Popper. :joy:


What makes it worse is this badge never activates, or very rarely anyways. :crazy_face: And seems odd because it did activate consistently in 2k19!

there are badges that never pop up.
like some of the most op finishing badges like slithery finisher or fancy footwork

Those they put on their Gucci hats when arriving to the arena …

Needle threader. I’ve got guys with that badge on HoF but it seems to make absolutely zero difference on passes

and as a park player, i can tell you needle threader for passing is a TOP badge, and you can feel instantly a difference

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This was a concern of mine with MyTeam adopting park badges, some just make no sense for MyTeam.

Yea needle threader is the only badge that affects passing animations and accuracy aside from break starter (not including lob city passer and flashy passer) so I’d say it can’t hurt to have it

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Interesting. I’ve never really felt like it did much at all but I’m defs gonna lab some players with and without and see whats up. Maybe I’m just expecting a bit much from the badge based on it’s description and am just throwing bad passes (probably 100% the problem ngl lol)

Fastbreak finisher

Idk why myteam cards even have these

Jaylen brown for some reason has gold deep fades, but a 44 post fade, when Jordan has a 92 post fade, but doesn’t even have the badge

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deep fades activate on post spin jumpers (not post fades) as well, whats basically a midrange shot, but looks almost like a post fade

edit: and when i remember correctly, deep fades activates on post step backs

Break starter - players with this badge on gold will throw the ball out trying to make outlet passes at the same random rate as players with no break starter at all. Completely irrelevant badge.

Clamps. They should’ve just kept defensive stopper which simply dropped opposing players badges as opposed to clamps which completely undermines all other defensive badges and attributes. It’s essentially a magnetic force that helps you stay in front of your matchup. The perimeter defense rating should determine how good a card is in that area


100% agree with you…it’s just come down to choosing players with clamps for our lineups and making the ones without it called trash

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Yeah Lamar Odom has HOF Needle Threader and I felt it instantly. Same when I used Cousy.

Fancy Footwork activates on Hopsteps.

Pointless badge hands down is any badge that boosts or lowers the takeover meter. Takeovers are useless this year this would’ve been great to have last year.

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the only worthy takeovers are glass cleaner obviously, and… slasher
activated slashing takeover gives you
+10 ballhandling
+10 speed with ball
+10 dunk and layup shot close
+10 vertical
+10 draw foul
+10 speed AND acc
+10 strength

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Flashy passer. That’s one of those lame badges they add as hof to boost a cards total hof count.


Only time I do flashy passes is when I get bored in TTOff and start fucking around