What's the first thing I should in Madden 20?

I"m gna go back and forth from 2k19 and madden 20. Any idea what the first thing I should do in mut?

Challenges. You can get 86 Baker Mayfield from the NFL epics in a couple hours. Try to do the bo Jackson one this weekend before it goes away to get that power up when your team is good enough.

Ok, cool. How different is madden 20 compared to last years?

I never played last year. Having a ton of fun with it tho. I think if you do ultimate trainers you can get some 85 overalls pretty easy. Another thing to do is them tutorials under exhibition at the main menu. You’ll get free packs for those.

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you can get jim brown for freee with that twitch thing i think

Cool, cool. Just did that. What QB are you guys running?

I used 90 Mahomes, but i sold him and using 87 Luck and can’t feel any noticeable difference, i don’t exactly throw too many deep, but when i did he done good for me.

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True sounds good. What’s your opinion on powering up Russel Wilson? I have yet to play my first game this year. Downloaded just finished and opened some initial packs. I was going to try and upgrade wilson to the 86 card. I have 900 training points and would cost around 650.

If you plan on using Russell Wilson later in the he year that would be a smart move. He’ll probably get a higher card at some point. Baker luck and Aaron Rodgers get used a lot for sub 100k.

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True, yah he’s one of my favorite QBs. Also met the dude last year at a party and he was such a nice and humble guy. So do I just upgarde his power up? Or do I need his elite card as well. Not really sure how theme builder works yet.

Upgrade the power up then you need the elites for the last upgrade. As you level up you get power passes so an 82-84 overall power up pass could be used instead of the elite card, so you could just sell the elite and that power up pass would replace it.

Sorry, how do you chew the clock?

When you pick a play it’s one of the front bumpers look in the bottom left

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I just pulled an 88 John Elway in a gold pack. Should I keep or sell at this point?

Sell unless you’re a broncos fan, better to bolster. I think RB is the most important offensive position and the 86 Baker you can get from challenges will serve you well enough for the time being.

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Thanks man. I’ll sell him and try to pick up a good RB. Any recos?

Depends on how much you’re willing to invest. If you want someone for the time being the 83 Saquon works. If you have a favorite then get their power up and work on that. I currently use Le’Veon as my teams is partially Jets themed and he does alright but other people get much better abilities namely Marcus Allen and Gurley but they’re both really expensive. Nevermind the training points they may need invested.

get baker then grind Level Progression Pinpoint Accuracy first challenge til you hit 50. youll have alot of coin and alot of power ups to use to fill out your team, plus a 90ovr torry holt. you also get the option to buy a full 89-91 legend for 20 bucks if you want.

go for the theme builders defensive players, saints demario davis, packers amos jr, or the lions slay jr.
if you complete the challenges you can boost their power-ups up to a 87, or you could use the theme kings you get at the end their all 86ovr,

if you don’t know what i’m talking about it’s the token you get every 5 levels, it always comes with a power up card, you can exchange these tokens in the theme builder sets, doing this grants you the chosen teams playbooks, coach and jersey’s also it unlocks said teams themebuilder challenges, finish these to receive, the theme builder captain power up, core elite and theme king version.


Sweet, i’ll definitely start doing those challenges. I am maybe 10 challenges deep for the seahawks team builder. What qb are you using?