What's the consensus on the better diamond lebron card?


IMO The older one.


cool. what’s better about him?

older version: Defending (Blocks) Play-making
newer version : Mid range Shot Close
Other stats basically the same.

I think the newer is a bit expensive too.

The new one not only has mid-range game (which in my opinion is far more important than block) it also has +20 shot close. It totally looks like way better scorer.
“a bit expensive” shouldn’t be a factor

The new one has a cooler picture

The freethrow rating on the newer one is pretty bad but I have been knocking down a good percentage of them since the release is easy. I didn’t try the old diamond but the new one scores so easily. I play him at PF since I’m so stacked at the 3, and he is so agile and strong, scores on everyone including PD Blake

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Old better ft too

Maybe drawing fouls iirc

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I like the new better. hes a better scorer. the old has better passing and block. I haven’t noticed the new not playing good d or getting blocks he does well. his middi is automatic. go with the new.