What's the best way to run these four bigs into 2 front court pairs?

PD Dirk (defense shoe)
98 Wilt (mid-range shoe)
97 Embiid (Speed & acceleration shoe)
98 Hakeem (3PT & acceleration shoe)

I hate losing the rebounding battle so I really like running centers (especially 7 footers) at the 4 and 5, just wondering who should be 4/5 among these guys. Thanks!

Wilt (PF)-Hakeem

Thanks! I forgot, I can also run Giannis at PF, if I did that who should I move out? I’m guessing Embiid?


PF Giannis / C Dirk
PF Wilt / C Hakeem?

I would take out Dirk. Both LQ and speed under 80 are a deadly combination.

I was thinking

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@amar I got Dirk’s LQ up to 84 with the diamond shoe
@Jpro6903 What if I get Giannis at the 4?


I guess if you put giannis at the four I would drop embiid.

Giannis / Hakeem
Dirk / Wilt?

Wilt PF, Dirk C. A 3p shooter sf as PF and Hakeem as C.

Well my PD Giannis has Kyrie’s, does that count? :sunglasses:


Last night after packing Dirk I ran him at the 5 next to Embiid (orange Adidas speed shoe) and then at the 4 next to Wilt with diamond curry highs. Now I’m thinking start Embiid at 4, Dirk at the 5, and wilt at Center off the bench with a stretch 4. Dirk seems better at C and Embiid is actually a really solid PF.


Hakeem is 10x better at the 4

Big Time :smiley:

C wilt pf Hakeem
C Dirk pf embid

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I think Giannis is best at the 4, personally. I also think Embiid sucks donkey boners in this game (both using him and playing against him). So I’d probably go Giannis/Wilt and Hakeem/Dirk. That’s my 2 cents.

I run D Rob & Hakeem together as a Twin Tower frontcourt and have had D Rob at the 4 for now. it has been successful. Do you think switching them around would maximize their capabilities?

Yea you definitely have to split up Hakeem and Embiid in my opinion because they are basically the same player with similar animations. Your team would be more diverse if you had one starting and one off the bench.

Depends on your offense but I switch between horns and 4 out 1 in. Having a knockdown shooter like Hakeem on the perimeter and a taller player down low (and a better rebounder) like Drob has worked great for my system. The difference should be marginal if you switch them but if you’re having problems then it’s worth a shot

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I always like to try him there but I had a guy with amethyst KD at the 4, I bullied him on offense but he was running circles around Hakeem on defense. I’m thinking that a guy like Embiid is a little better at PF because he’s got a little more quickness to chase around the SF’s at PF while still has the size to body up & rebound against AD’s, Malones, etc.