What's the best shoe for Magic?

I decided to sell Yellow Bron. (side note hes fully badged with 96 contracts and a red Kyrie up for 12 hours if you’re interested) Which shoe should I put on Magic. Hes at and 89 open 3 with Kerr. I did notice his off dribble 3 is terrible but a shoe would only bring him to a 74. Which shoe are you guys using?



is that the consensus?

White black Adi Superstar (boosts Post control; relatively cheap too) imo. Gives him the Post Takeover which is amazing on your PG.

Not the best boosts attribute wise but i take the changed takeover before those attributes boosts. Just my opinion of course.

A thread from yesterday about magic and the post takeover (if you are interested):


I have a diamond Jordan shoe that boosts speed. dunk, steal and I forget what else lol

what are his takeovers without that shoe. I have the black superstar, black Jordans, and the black chucks too.

Not sure right now. It’s either slashing/playmaker or defense/playmaker.

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I went with white Kobe AD for post fade and open 3. Magic shoots a good clip from 3 for me too. His release is slow but easy to time.

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The Red kyries they give him the+5 contested 3’s unreal I shoot alot more contensted shots than open or wide open

Contested with Magic? How do you not get blocked with his slow ass release?

They are nearly always lightly contested but the shoe and Casey take his contested 3 to high 90’s

I only take open shots with Magic.

Hence why I put the shoe on him, because of the slow release if someone pushes up on him mid release I’m way more confident, I never had a problem with his open shot release so I didn’t bother boosting it


Most people I play jump for the block on Magic instead of just putting a hand up. That’s why I didn’t think about a contested shot boost.

Definitely a 3 point shoe of you’re not looking to cheap it out

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so a 3 pts shoe is the move?

I put White and red Jordan XXXI

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Imo speed with ball shoes. Thats what i got on him. 6’9 guy with 99 swb. Im only guna take wide open 3s with him and i got kerr to make him 89 3 point. Most my players who are playmaker got swb shoes and they are basically 95+ swb, all of them feel like usain bolt

You will get lots of different shoe suggestions for Magic.Make your decision based on your usage and preference.

I will will go with my man @EarvGotti and @Delano_23 and throw in the black and white Adidas. With that shoe Magic will get post scoring takeover as a PG. How sick is that :laughing:


White Kobe AD Mids. It gives +5 ball control, post fade, acceleration, open 3, and steal. I have gold limitless and deadeye on him, and with my coach boosts he has a 93 open three. People always get so mad mad when I consistently can pull up 5 feet behind the 3 point line. Also the post fade boost helps with his post game a lot, and made his fadeaway and step back way more consistent.