Whats the best line up can make for MTR?

right now I have.

GO Giannis
Ruby Hueter
Diamond Hedo
Diamond AK

all ruby bench

That’s actually a good lineup for this

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I was thinking GO Drob, GO KAJ, Pd AK, Amy Gerald Wallace, and ruby Jon issac.

Feels like Giannis doesn’t make sense if you commit to 3>2 play style. Whatever you gain with Giannis on offense for dunks, you lose with huerter being a defensive liability down low on the other end.

I think defense will be at a premium for the final few rounds with comp v comp play.

I think Giannis is needed when most people will play CPU V CPU… His running crossover in 5 out is one of the few moves in the game CPU can’t stop.

Also if you are shooting 80% on Giannis’ paint attempts its hard to keep up with 3s, would need to shoot and hit a crazy amount

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Mmm that’s fair.

But on pro difficulty, I feel like there are cheaper salary cap options for easy 2pt looks. Anyone with post fade 3 can be a walking bucket on pro.