What's the best card I can buy for 90k mt (ps4)?

That’s all the MT I have. And I’m looking for the best value for my mt.

Lamar Odom.


over giannis?

Odom is the best card you can buy under 100k imo. He’s like 70-80 on Xbox this morning.
If you mean the diamond giannis then I would say yes only because you can do the spotlight for the PD version instead.

And Odom is better than either Diamond Giannis (they can’t shoot)

I agree. Although the moments giannis is still a good card but that spotlight giannis is insanity.

how do you get the spotlight giannis? Nevermind just found it. How long do these spotlights normally take?

Yeah, he’s must-cop. If I only had 90k I’d be trying my hardest to save up to 250k ish it would take to get PD giannis first, then spend on Odom, Rondo, Ayton

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You need to do the Kareem spotlight challenge. (17 games, 5-6 hours of effort) Last game require the whole set - so Payton, Worthy, etc - like 250k MT, but you can sell them back after

The Kareem set. You need around 300-400k mt and probably 10 hours? Maybe more or less. They’re really easy though just pickup the nets play book.

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This estimate of cost for MT and time is probably closer to accurate than my (optimistic) one. Worth it, but you’re definitely a ways off with 90k mt. Odom won’t lose much value and is a prudent investment short term. Giannis should be a long term goal though
Edit: other sub 90k players worth owning are:
Rondo (75k)
Ayton (35k)
Stockton (45k)
Hedo (30k)
Rough estimate of value, but spending your 90k on these or any combination of these is definitely worth it. I’d probably go Hedo/ Stockton if you need depth. Hedo not much worse than Odom.


What’s the best shoe on him?

I want to try that rondo but I have Stockton locked in :confused:
Odom is gonna be good for months even without the juiced 20+ hof badges cards will have by then he’s still gonna be money.

I found a diamond Lamar Odom for 80k with kobe xi

That’s a 40-50k shoe :sunglasses:

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sweet. well thanks for the advice. I’m sure i’ll have lots of fun with the card!

So true. As a noob, I confirm this as facts.