What's so great about Thurl? Someone sell me please

Why does everyone love this guy so much? Is he good enough to play the back up 4? Im selling some guys off to stack for KD and debating trying Thurl out. He’s rebounding stats are pretty low Im worried hes going to get bullied.

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Bob Love is Good too :wink:


lol I heard. Hows this Thurl though lol

I haven’t really used him in MTU but jumper is smooth.

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Quick release like Webber

idk what the hype is about but everytime i face him in 5v5 or 3v3 he does nothing


Lol thank you for being honest. Everyone says hes a “beast” but never give a reason lol

Hype @Shinostique

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Never think he’s a beast

My biggest question mark is his defense. Can he play it?

Are they any videos of him. No?

go watch @Manulous stream hes using him and doing pretty good


Thank you. To be fair I’ve used him before in MyLeague and PNO. His shot is the same believe it or not


DBG using Thurl at Point Guard lol

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That’s bc you haven’t played me before bro.

And here we go @Shamslol

Whats so good about him @tman202 ?? looking for a review.

I mean most people here have god squads stacked with the best cards in the game. So he’s not going to get a lot of praise from most people on the forum. But for a budget baller who doesn’t have unlimited MT, you couldn’t ask for better bang for your buck on a backup 4.

His release is money and not too slow. He has great ball control and speed with ball for a 6’11" PF. And he has good dunking ratings. He is a little lackluster defensively, and rebounding is a little weak, but not so bad to make him unusable. Most people with god squads in unlimited aren’t all that great anyway, and they don’t know how to exploit post mismatches.


Saw this thread and it inspired to me to toss Thurl back in my lineup. Put him starting PF next to Wilt and matched up against an all PD team with Duncan and Kareem frontcourt with AD and Hakeem off the bench. Was able to get this before the quit:


Is thurl for real?

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In all honesty, and in a small sample size, Thurl is actually awesome. I might play 10 more games with him and discover a glaring weakness that gets exposed often, but as of now, I haven’t really found anything wrong with this card. Nice shot release, he’s 6’11”, he’s fast for that size, he holds his own on D (not exceptional, but not a liability whatsoever), and he handles the ball well for being just short of seven feet tall. He’s a very solid stretch 4, for sure. I doubt there’s another card anywhere close to 2,000 MT that is this good. Is he as good as Webber, Giannis, Blake, and AD at the 4? Not quite. Is he as good as anyone else? Probably better.