What's going on in Houston

They were rolling last month, had me believing in them, idk what they doing now

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They got lost in paradise jk :sweat_smile:

their center is the same height as Terrence Ross

Trying to play with PJ Tucker as their big guy. lol

D’Antoni working his magic. Hilarious they getting beat like that and the highlight pic is Westbrook shooting a 3.

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Crazy. They could’ve got 2nd seed and now fall to 6th within a week.

Hornets beat them last night. That’s how u know it’s bad.

They haven’t figured out how to beat the zone defense that teams started to do. The clippers did it the best with pat bev sagging off of Westbrook to clog the paint. And the shooters aren’t hitting their shots efficiently

I was hoping we’d get OKC-Houston in the first round so Chris Paul could get his revenge and knock them out.


That would be an awesome series.