What's been your biggest comeback in ultimate?

2k normally has a way of ruining gameplay but every so often you have those games that remind you why we play this game. I just played a game and had a 28-5 4th quarter swing. Final score 61-60. Glad I kept the 6-0 streak alive. I really need that manu.

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Came back down 20 before…lost a 20pt leas before…


I came back from 20+ a few times. I think the most was 24 or 25 if I recall correctly. Was down 40 to like 15 or 16 at half. Wound up winning 64-58. I put in an all defensive Stockton, Iggy, AK47, PD Wallace, and, Mutombo. Not the best scoring wise but I actually off balled and they clamped up. Ak47 went on a hit streak and I pulled it off.

Through about 2,000 games I have never been down, Mug taught me how to play

Sure bud

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What’s up?

Wasn’t meant for you idk why it replied to you

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Down 9 with 1:30 left

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