What's a good price for Sabonis?

Not sure on his market price, how much shoudl i be lookin to spend?

You’re probably looking at 315-345k.

I got him for 280 but most likely 300k+

there’s one contracted with foams…but feel like foams aren’t the ideal shoe for him.

Not sure how much i should bid on him lol, don’t wanna pay premium for that shoe

Pay whatever he costs. .hes endgame lol. U wont wanna sell him

I’m thinking that, he’s a full package version of KP


Unless they give marc gasol hof dimer ill never sell sabonis haha

Ps pink adidas or white kobe mids the shoe id choose

Should I chase the one with foams or wait for something else i won’t have to pay a premium?

Foams arent terrible. Accel boost right ? But the contest is a good boost. I liked the adidas for the steal and post fade

I feel like going for a 3pt shoe on him is a waste, base 92, and I got d’antoni so he’ll be at a 96 already.

I’d wanna go pink Adidas too probably

Pft, I’ll throw a lowball bid on it anway before bed lol

Yah might as well. My buddy won a granger for 175 one time like that lol. Bid 225 won him at 175 ahaha. then pulled granger. By going 11-1. Was nuts. Lucky ass

What are his takeovers?

Depending on what shoe and coach I’ve seen sharp rebounding and sharp post scoring

Save your mt for the real big dogs yet to be released, or you will be stuck with this guy when his inflated price catches up to him.


Are you on XB1, op? I’m thinking of selling mine.

Lowball bid before going to sleep is the way to go. I bid 140k on 98 Magic and got him for 110.not bad

Sold him for 330 with diamond contract and diamond kd shoes