What you think of my line up? How do i improve it?

Do you guys think it will give people trouble in the 250K tourney? Sorry its so cheesy guys.

IGGY has 94 speed with ball and 84 passing vision with the diamind shoe i have on him.
LeBron has +5 ball control and +5 speed with ball with the diamond shoe and +4 ball control from the coach, so he can speed boost.
I have 30K MT left after this line up. Anyway i can improve it? Im trying to beat full diamond squad with height and length.

the only guy I would be scared he can kill me from the bench is Klay

Looks like you run them 3pt cheese money plays w/ that LU

I actually dont run plays. I use spam pick and roll/pop and iso. I have the big mens that shoot 3s cause i need them all too stretch the floor.

Im hoping i can buy AD with 30K with the market crash today to replace KAT. Idk what else i can afford tbh.

You’re going to get cooked by people that actually know how to play defense lol.

I’m not sure how much MT you’re working with but your bench is pretty bad as well especially if you don’t even run plays.

Yeah he a solid C i got him as my backup now he’s nice

Who u got starting?

Well if you have any money plays let me know haha. I got the lakers one and use the circle whatever 3 point play but it never fully gets them open. Maybe cause my big men dont have gold brick wall yet? I also use triangle a lot when i see an opportunity for a cut which gets me decent amount of buckets.

Well i did the tokens so i got Camby as my starting center now… I used to start AD tho he’s a freak

Yeah KAT cant defend nobody in the paint. Thats why i wanted to replace him.

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Yeah i used to have KAT too he’s nice but he no AD lol

Decent squad but o would 30 piece you with my squad.
Pd Hill
D Peja
PD Pierce
D Kirelenko
PD Wallace

PD Iverson
D Iggy
D Lewis
PD M. Lucas
PD Issell
D D. West
D. B. Davis
D. Melo

What shoe do you have on Iggy?