What yall thoughts about pd Richard Jefferson?

Still want be a card to beat reward giannis but i like Jefferson. His shot release is little off to me like Barry but I put him in my tto squad to try him out since the difficulty went to 1.75 . His dunk animation is clutch and for a free card I can’t complain.

I have the set complete and one challenge left to do tomorrow night.

I will let you know

We received it for free so I will say that is good. If I were to buy this card, I would rather forgive.

I think his shot is gross.

Shot is avg. I think with enough practice it will be fairly good. The great thing about RJ that I’ve seen…he’s a defensive stud.

He’s not some game-breaking glitchy card, but he’s very good.
Definitely worth doing the spotlight, should be on everyone’s team for some time.
Both him and JKidd.


I like him, very strong card, yeah shots a bit off but if u go inside he’s really good, plus, if there’s a mis match where he’s switched onto the pf, he can hold his own to an extent

Just another piece of the Brandon Roy puzzle we’re all trying to put together.


People who say he’s not useable are lying. He’s a great card, not perfect, but definitely a card you should have in your lineup. Not a lot of guys on the AH who are better than him.


He greens so much more then I thought reading the people complaining about his shot. He’s very good at both ends


He’s good. Definitely worth it unlike many of the rewards.


Maybe because your use to that jokic release so it feels good lol besides it being on the slow side, I don’t mind the release aswell. And every other area he’s impressive


That’s a good point lol

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Ggs in the TTO game

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Gg’s bro that was a close one

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That jr seems like a killer. I like the nuggets squad too

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I’m loving Kidd, only play offline, but very smooth and gets to the rim very easily and makes some great shots against bigs int he paint.

He got that big player model and Hof clamps so he’s extremely effective on D

Hof intimidator is no joke.

Slashing: acrobat, consitent, slithery, contact, tear on hof and relentless on gold.
Shooting: c&s hof, diff and quickdraw gold.
Playmaking: ankle, dimer, needle, qfs, spacecreator, stopgo, tight handles, unpluckable on hof, downhill, flashy, general, handles4days, lob, fake maestro on gold.
Defense: clamps, leader, intercept, intimidator, dodger, pocket, tireless, trapper on hof, crusher, reflexes on gold and pogo on silver.

Not a single other point guard’s badging comes even close if we talk about traditional playstyle.
Absolute lockdown and amazing playmaker who’s great at getting to the rim.
Moving middys and c&s 3s are also great.

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I think he , blake and Giannis are some of the best “Free” cards we’ve ever gotten