What y’all thinking he thinking

“That was a bad shot…bad shot, man…”

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“Why is this female looking at my family jewels?”


hes thinking about chillin at his mansion

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Let’s set the record straight once and for all. It was a horrible shot. PG is right and Lillard is tripping calling him out on that statement.
And I am very happy that they advanced and kicked out OKC, not that someone calls me a sour loser or sth.


Dame said thats a comfortable range looool. And hes shooting them at 34%. The shot was GODLY

When i watched this , i was thinking “what is he(Dame) doing, he’s running out of time, make some move, you idiot…!”
But then it happend…so i shut up!

If he was missed that 99% of peeps will say -that was a bad shot-and they will be right…but it went in…
The legend will growth.

Btw. Jordan fauled Russell in his last shot…

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I can’t call that a bad shot if he can hit it consistently, which dame can, bad shots are based off your range, dame has that range


You could tell as soon as he wasnt creeping forward that it had to be a sidestep coming. Dame describes it perfectly in his post game. PG took a step forward and dame knew exactly what he was going to do. Green release

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a side step into a contested 3 from half court isnt a good shot lol

He cant, it was his second career make from 35feet or more on a stepback that was contested. It is not something he regularly makes.

sigh back to my offseason with millions

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Its a good shot once u make it lol

“Fuck it Imma bang Rachel Demita”

thats the only reason. still incredibly lucky

Yes and no

Lillard DOES have crazy range. George wasnt really defending with lillard shooting in mind. You could tell
You know lillard makes those shots like 50% in practice. Was a crazy shot

But george should have the awareness that lillard is gunna shoot that ball. He stood there for 3seconds. At that point he HAS to shoot


Also guy was on the mission and on fire whole game (series).

This was more than crazy range though. It was his second make ever from that distance.

How many times has he tried it ? Lol.

“ahhh shiet, here we go again…”

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