What y’all think I can get for this

I’m putting this to for the culture, you think I’ll get a good price for him

Sell quickly or risk holding for a week and possibly making way more though… his price is dropping currently probably due to mid week content drop soon but I’d assume unless there’s a flurry of pink diamonds by next week he could be back at 300k I’ve seen a few basic ones with week badging for 185 190 last night

When do you think it’s good to sell Kareem?

It’s really only educated guesses from playing the last 5 years .I’d say unless a bundle of pink diamonds drop this week Kareem will go up in value for a while…pack odds are so bad this year once your 4-5 days into a program and people slow down on buying packs there will ne almost no new Kareems coming out

I’ve sold a fully badged (34 golds i guess) + hof acrobat added with 99 contracts for 255k, was expecting 300 at worst tbh. Shoe boost were damn good too. So get ready for a bad surprise as well.

Nothing hold value very long , i buy and sell straight after missions , only keep cheap players and my MT’s , only the MT’s are not dropping in value too fast now



Sorry if is obvious.

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Mt’s never get old and stays at the same value.:grin: I was going to sell vince now to get Kareem because i need good defense plus Kareem one of my favorite centers but am holding vince till he out of packs hoping for a price rise. But its risky because of friday content.you dont know what 2k have up for friday and they decide to release some more pink diamonds. That’s the only way price would drop vince and Kareem price and it’s another pd center or sg . If I sniped a card I hold it if I can see profit coming but If I got it for xp I sell as soon as I get done. Vince lack hotzones and that’s a big deal to me.

Sorry, I’m still confused.

What does MT’s mean? Which type a card are they?

Don’t want to buy/sell anything I shouldn’t.

He mean My Team Points-MT. The in game currency.

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Yeah It’s Kobe, BEAN, BLACK MAMBA, Bryant the best in the GANG NO