What y’all doing in my team rn?

What’s up y’all. Used to use these forums a lot back in the days of nba 2k21. I quit for a bit but I’m back this year for 2K24

Just wondering what y’all grinding first on myteam? I bought the mamba edition and will probably get the pro pass for Giannis so I should have a decent starting squad. I’ll probably grind domination first myself I always do it every year at the start

I played for less than an hour this morning. Working on acquiring Robert Horry. I already evo’d Josh Smith.

I finished horry just before i left for work this morning hoping he plays well when im bakc home shortly…i would make sure you do the 2kday challenges as well and prob the kobe one and the level challenges start at 10…Othetwise its domination or online play for me

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Is Horry from the challenges? How you guys get him

Been at work all day so I just been watching various YouTubers on what to do first lol haven’t played yet I’m itchin tho

He is the reward from the Welcome to MyTeam agendas.

looks like it’s good idea to stay away…
new type of bans… can’t ban for mt buying - they figure out other way…

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Grinding out some Domination today for cards and MT.

I saw a decent way to finish out current Domination. 5 out freelance Spam high pick n rolls and hit the roller. There are times to be able to reset or hit an open shooter. In defensive settings, Smother and Deny put on a full-court press for turnovers.

I just finished getting the ring. Only game that was closer was vs someone that had level 40 Kyrie and a lot of the best cards in the game. That Kyrie is it. I couldn’t stop him. I only went up double digits because he went to his bench for a long time. By the time he brought Kyrie back he had to try to come back with me having the momentum.

That Kyrie definitely seems like a PD Steph Curry level 40 like prize.

I will finish the “win the weekend” agenda after I get 5 blocks in domination. Hopefully that XP prize is a decent one and gets me closer to Kyrie. If not then it may not even be worth doing that agenda in the future.

It seems they made “win the weekend” harder then previous 2k’s since they included winning the ring in it. So if you lose 4 games out of 7 you can’t even complete it. Definitely feels like another little thing to make it harder to level up so that you would want to spend money.

Edit: Yea it definitely was not worth completing the agenda. I thought it was just giving you straight up XP for completing it. It was just a 30 minute double xp coin. Not even the hour one.

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I quit one game once cause of the ping being absolutely trash.

Got a 1 hour ban

You can’t quit games this year unfortunately

Will this method ever NOT be the myteam formula?

2k can’t live without bans. Stupid that they trying to force people play 30 minutes games.
As for now I’m having lot of fun in fifa :slight_smile:

Guys, is this normal? How do I get the two other missing pieces?

If you do the welcome to myteam agendas in order then you should get all the pieces needed by the time you reach the agenda one that requires you to lock them in. I believe some of the pieces are in the pack you get from cracking open the visual concepts ball.

And how do you crack it ?

Its a reward ball
You have to play with it as your ball in your lineup
It breaks after a few games (1 game for me but i dont know if it can be more)