What would you guys say are the best packs to get diamond shoes out of

i have a few guys like paul geroge locked in so i cant get shoes , i probably opened about 10 boxes this year and pulled 1 diamond show and 1 diamond contract only, well i bought some vc from the sale and am waiting to use it but if im board and want to buy a pack or 2 what would u guys say would give me the best chance at diamond shoes?

Throwback Packs

Mostly everyone says tb packs. It would be nice if 2K puts a new sig card in there to get me to open them. Best card is Whiteside.

Unless you pull Sapphire Matthews from the Trail Blazers set. He’s really rare and usually goes for over 300k plus when he’s up on PS4.

I have spent sadly… $1200 on packs this year… Literally not a single freaking Diamond shoe… Got loads of great players, and 2 diamond contacts, but not a single shoe.

all packs tho

I was bored this morning while my son slept. Wasted 75k MT or more ripping throwback packs & got a diamond Whiteside & a bunch of decent badges. Probably lost about half of that in value.

I’ve pulled 6 pairs I might pull 4 packs every few days, secret… Only open 2 maybe 3 packs then stop

dade what packs you getting 1 of each or like 3 of the same one? and that sounds good buy 2 packs a day or ever other day i like that idea

I’ve been trying to track times, I open 2 maybe 3 historic depends on what is in the first pack

I tried today 2 packs different times pulled 2 damn Whiteside

Ah historic packs. Only packs where it’s bad news when diamonds shake

ya i bought a box of historic last week pulled 1 diamond white side i got lucky and pulled a diamond koby on the east packs i bought 10 of those and stoped i still got 300 or so vc left so i may just do that buy 2 or 3 historic a day and stop