What will y’all do if they drop a token update w/o GOATs?

You gonna take the cards you want? Or hold out hope for GOATs?

Or liquidate your tokens into MT?

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I’ve got 3300 with 500 more to lock. I might take 1 if there’s a stand out and hold the rest again, haha

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I’m at 1695

Close to the point of not caring anymore


my plan:

step 1: pd jaylen brown for 150 tokens
step 2: rip rest of tokens on packs
step 3: sell all pulled items
step 4: redeem my 28k of sold items in AH


I’d probably just keep waiting. Then when we are officially done getting content for 2K20 rip the best packs with the tokens or get my favorite players for a theme team

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If there isn’t any cards that can make my lineup in the Token Update, I’m just gonna hold and wait for the Goats cause it’s gonna come sooner or later

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Rip the updated packs to shreds. No way they update the market twice.


Fireball time.

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Would love have GOAT Kobe for saving my time

And what if they drop a bunch of crappy cards and don’t update the packs? You gonna hold or just go Lights Out packs?



I’m not so sure about that… this year you can get free GOATs Kobe, Bird, and Curry from just grinding. That is very different from last year. With them dropping a GOAT Wilt into packs mid-July it’s clear they are gonna drag that out and who knows if they feel the need to kill the game off with token GOATs. It’s no guarantee.

I’d rather it be new cards or new goats if anything. Not existing ones


I started grinding and saving tokens for about 5 weeks now, already got 6425. i will allocate for fireball if i am not happy with the updates

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I’m at 3400 tokens, I’d probably grab the ones i want and liquidate the rest into coins

This. Give me a juiced GOAT Timmy D all day.

Well I’m close to 4,000 and if the normal opals are not impressive , I’ll liquidate my tokens and then be very sad lol

I have 2000 ready to go. If there’s no GOAT cards I’ll probably rip packs, should get about 350k minimum

I’ll spend them all on new guys that come out or ones I haven’t used yet. Packs just feel like a waste esp bc they’ll be expensive if they’re worth it (like NEXT packs will be 25 tokens at least)

If I get shambled bc they somehow update it twice despite there only being 3 weeks left of content, then so be it

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Kind of my thinking. I’m willing to bet against them doing it twice. If they update it now, when would the next update even possibly be?? Like August 15th? You can keep your GOAT cards mid August, I’m good.