What Will Kill T-Mac’s Price

I’ve been looking to lock in the HOF collection. I only need Tracy but currently he is going for 700k I’m not paying that for any pink diamond. I know that it’s cuz of opal Malone. What do you guys think will kill his price?? Opal Tracy? Locker code for him?? I thought Melo would of killed since he is better but he is going for more than Melo lol

PD Tmac was like 1.5M before the Superpacks

Opal Tmac would dip it but might not kill his price entirely because of the set.


A rerelease of the collection like duo packs or super packs

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Don’t lock him in , there gonna be a GO TMac soon, and now his PD isn’t even on my rotation (12th man)

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A locker code


Yea this is the only major thing. It’s all about supply now.


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More promo for 2k20

If u bought TMac u probably locked for Malone. There’s just not enough of hi out there

I’m rocking the diamond tmac from the Chinese set. HoF been too expensive. Watch them drop a code for HoF pack and HoF tmac like they did the Melo then drop an Opal tmac. That will kill the pd price.

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Great answer maybe after they drop opal curry for his finals MVP he will drop :eyes::eyes::eyes:

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an abundance of opal PFs