What will be the rest PD cards we get?

Except of DRob i can only think PD Wilt and PD Lebron.Also the finals mvp and MVP of the season(99,99% Harden so no new card).

What do you believe?
And how many promos do you think we will get?i think 2 more one on 5/11 and one on 5/25.Maybe the rewards are pd wilt and pd lebron.And last question do you think in the last promos there will be also a pullable pd?if yes,which one?

Most likely will be PD rewards, no pullable PDs. I’m praying for a PD LeBron next promo.

PD Durant, Curry, as you mention Wilt. Obviously LeBron. Could see a Kareem. Maybe even a Dirk. Stockton, Ewing. Westbrook. Wilkins. Gervin. None of this would surprise me.

Lmao why do you people think we’ll get a PD Ewing? The dude was good but there’s no reason he deserves to be higher than a 97 if Hakeem, Kareem, and Bill are only 98’s. The Ewing hard-on’s are out and about on this forum. Only good thing about him is that his fadeaway animation is cash compared to his slow and clanky standing shot. Dude trash.

Doubt we get a Ewing. Only got him because he was first pick in the draft

I’m just saying he’s one of the all time greatest players, so this late in the year they will hand out PD’s. The man did have 20+ PPG in 13 straight years, 10+ rebounds in 9, and 2+ blocks in 14. Averaged over 50% FG for his career. His best season, 1989, he averaged 28.6 pts, 11.2 boards and 4 blocks. All of this playing in the same conference as the GOAT. So, he has a PD resume. He won’t be a dominant SuperMax card but it’s not unreasonable for him to get a PD card at this point.

Wilt, LeBron and finals MVP (MVP too but that will be harden who already has a PD). And probably a freak locker code PD.

I doubt it. Imo the last 2 rewards will be PD Wilt and PD LeBron.
2k still needs a ton of diamonds to throw in these sets. I can see a 97 Ewing as part of a set.