What will be the new content on Friday

According to the twitter, some new content will be released. There are too many OP PD PG SG available now, so I’m expecting a big man like PD Hakeem.

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Westbrook!!! As someone said before


Its gonna be big game james!!

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I’m thinking it will be more than one card


Eh I don’t care at this point we are less than two months left in this game.

A new PG?? no… I like RWB but too many choices for pg now. kobe, tmac, lbj, Giannis, Harden, Wall…

I feel a nice crash coming :smiling_imp: gonna swoop up Kobe

You literally named 1 point guard right at the end of your list… This game is so broken, hahah


There’s literally only one real PG on your list :joy:

yea, almost everyone runs lbj ,simmons and giannis as pg…haha.

oh, maybe i need to add pd magic in my list… another real pg.

All good just thought it was funny. Last night someone dropped like 50+ points with Diamond Draymond with those speed diamond grey Nike shoes at point :man_shrugging:t2:

I’m guessing PD Kareem

I run Lillard and Jerry West. Fuck the cheesers! Haha


PD George Mikan and he will be so OP that he will be the same as Jokic but way quicker. Because you know, why not? Make him the best playmaking big man ever in 2k.

i run kobe and tmac. i 'm a big fan of mamba.

2k should release a diamond for him at least

Pippen and Hakeem.

They should but I believe the only way for them to make Mikan attractive and make people rip packs for him, is only when they make him super OP. I mean he’s short for a center, his amy already is pretty good defensively. So the only way to upgrade him would be to make him fast, give him crazy good shooting and better playmaking. That’s why I said that they should just make him like Jokic. Or then again, they could just make the PD Jokic which would be much more appealing to people.

EDIT: In fact, I compared this year’s amy to last year’s diamond and it’s the same card except that the amy has a bit worse 3pt shooting stats but 3 HOF badges. Last year’s diamond had 1 HOF, three gold and 1 silver badge (lmao).

They have just made the cards too good and it’s almost impossible to improve some cards without making them ridiculous.