What were your favorite players to evolve this year?

Weird enough, mine was BJ Armstrong. It took forever. The hardest, in my opinion, was Jokic. Triple doubles are hard to get. But I’m a nugs fan, so it had to be done.

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Lol, I’m 10 Triple Doubles away and 15 steals and 30 blocks. I’m actually enjoying the grind for his evolution. Rookie Week 2 Suns Challenge over and over whilst evolving others for points at the same time.

Diamond Jay Williams

Jason Richardson because he was useful all year and it was so rewarding! :upside_down_face:

But actually I had fun evolving Kenyon Martin during the Kidd SL challenges. Going back thru Nets history was a lot of fun and I don’t mind rebound Evo’s at all

I’m still working on Melo.i have everything but the blocks. Blocks are such a commodity for me. Anyone know any tricks for this? Even running him at PF, I’m still struggling.

Lol. The new years cards were super fun.


TT-offline is how I got blocks pretty easily when I needed them

Make Melo the smallest guy and run him alongside some Golds who can get rebounds. Hopefully you’ll be matched up with a guy who is smaller and/or shitty and you can let him drive by you and try to get chase down blocks. You don’t need to care about winning either so on offense you can chuck to extend the game but go for the win if you want to get the rewards if you’re close to one

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I still keep my BJ Armstrong. This was my first year playing myteam. It was the first card I put alot of work into. He’s more valuable to me now than most of my opals.

Thanks. I’ll try that.

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Diamond Bam Adebayo

Haha in all seriousness I really didn’t mind evolving Eric Paschall, a nice well-rounded evo that was not just worthwhile in the end (I still use the PD), but fun to use while evolving, too

The main grind I did at the start of the year was for diamond Chuck Person, I was so proud of myself for grinding to get that now terrible card lol

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Tbh almost all looks fun except Pippen. That’s some
2K disrespect to reward grinders as usual.

That’s so much work. Kudos.

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Porzingus because my three year old daughter loves him and keeps going Daddy are you still playing with Zingus Pingus

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I got him when i was just starting to play the game :rofl:

Larry Hughes seems nice too.

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I have the GO Hughes, but I bought him. I locked for Pip, so I figured if I was gonna get all the players, might as well get the best of them lol

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