What upgrades would you make to my team?

I haven’t been able to touch the game for a few days. But I’m about to reward myself with a few hours of 2k. Here’s my team and I was wondering if any of you had recos to make? Cheers

Sell Vince for sure and get Iggy

Iggy is that good eh? I’m just a huge vince fan but I am low on MT and vince does have his flaws.

He can do it all. Especially if you get a 3pt shoe on him.

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I’d also sell DRose and pickup Oscar if you could squeeze it.

Thanks man. I’ll look into selling vince for iggy. I think I can sell Rose for a decent price with diamond contract, fully badged and diamond shoes. I just couldn’t believe he scored 50 again… that was beautiful. But i’m pretty sure they will release an mvp rose card as well…

Pickup Amy Embiid for bench C as well.

If possible tho. Otherwise the team can compete.

I’d actually start Vince and bench Klay. Extra offense on the bench. Easy bucket whenever you need.

That’s pretty interesting. I run a lot of my offence through Steph and Blake anyways. Would be useful to get more touches for Klay. Thanks!

Defienetly. You don’t need 2 99 3pt shooters + HOF limitless on the floor at the same time.

You’re right… But it is fun when they both get hot and just start chucking up rando 3s that go in for both guys.

Yup replace d rose with oscar (its crazy their so close in price), replace hakeem with Amy Embiid until PD Dream comes, Replace VC with either iggy or granger

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How is oscar used? Passing and post up? I’ve never used this card in 2k before. Rose for me has just been my guy. But without the dunking it’s not exactly the same.

Post up, Slashing, pull up mid, 3 pointer, he can do it all with a Kobe aD shoe that boost post fade and 3 pt open, and steal. He’s my favorite card