What token reward?


Idk who to get rid of or who to add, but I finally reached 750. After spending all day getting the throwbacks.

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It’s better to wait. :smile:
Worthy over Gervin would be nice too.

That’s what I was thinking. I was looking at Mchale. Be cool if him and Larry got a duo.

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You should wait for the Duo Update First :smile:

You were right about kawhi too. Shots too slow for MTU

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Yeah specially if your connection is not that fast. He will be contested.

Can’t wait to see how a duo update will obliterate the entire game

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Yes you are right. Hopefully they will give us the duos in July.

Hopefully we get some sick token market updates. I can see Timmy D being one and DR.J

They gotta drop a TMac soon for sure I think

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Hopefully on friday

Would be nice but we already have Duncan at the PD Board.

2k doesn’t care.

Be cool if Tmac is a token reward


I doubt about tmac as token reward. He is a cash cow.

Drop anni 1-3 super packs with drop new token rewards. Ppl will go crazy

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I remember when we first met and you were all over me about the being a cheeser now your a full blown cheese lord. Welcome to the dark side brother I was actually against cheese when I 1st started playing too. Then I realized in the 2k world your either a cheeser or suicidal I choose the :cheese: route


Shit gotta match up with the competition :joy::joy::joy:

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Bro how do I stop 5-out GO Giannis??

That’s how you stop him.