What token opal do I take with this squad?

What token opal do I take with this squad?

Thinking josh smith is that the right move

Smith is definitely the move.


Save the tokens.

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josh smith


Tony Parker

Josh or hold the tokens

Josh or no one


I’d go Lavine over Westbrook, personally. Unless you think Josh Smith is a bigger upgrade over Beasley, but both of those are free, whereas swapping Westbrook for Lavine will let you sell Russ and pick up an extra 65-75k MT.

Drob will always be the right move

Unless they upgrade DRob, Embiid is arguably the better card between those two. And I say this as someone who has both and finds Embiid to be more reliable on offense, especially when you need to stretch the court with your 5 (DRob still has the edge on D).

Smith for smithy

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Got josh smith and in first game I was underwhelmed unfortunately. He seems to be a great dunker and defender but takes a minute to get used to
His release for me, post hook and fade kinda weird. He doesn’t have the animations that I’m used to out of like a giannis at the 4. I even have ball handle shoe and coach and he seemed to lose it
Times sigh…

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Everyone disrespecting Drob.

I thought smith was the second best out of the recent players they added but then I faced that LaVine a few times…
he’s a monster in the right hands.
I’d go LaVine just because he’s a fun card, or save the tokens.

Took josh smith don’t like him so far

Shoulda took Drob

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I know man drob is the general

I’ve been wanting drob all year. Is he really still that good? Better than embiid? Able to take on opal kareem, bol, fall?