What to do?

I’m 750 tokens away from an OPAL… Should i spend my last 2-2.5 million on locking all heat checks for worthy or wilt or should I use it instead to lock Anni series 2…?

I want to lock all of my MT in so I spend less time scrolling the AH and shit… Only time on myteam I want to spend is playing the game.

So what’s a better use of MT? An opal from the token market or locking anni series 2?

This is current lineup:

Nah. Just Save for Next Auctionable Opal/Promo

Technically series 2 set,but you should just buy the best possible team with 2mil MT and have fun that way. You could still spend all your MT,but you can sell some players back if you would want to try out someone else

Yeah that’s true, issue is it doesn’t lock it in… I’m awful with actionable players… Sell and rebuy all the time except for Brandon Roy. First day purchase and never came close to selling, haha

Do your research and look up opinions about the players,before buying. I’m reselling bunch of players as well these past few days,but I think I found the lineup

Wait and see what they do for series 3 player next Friday

Malone > Blake tbh

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Already got the mail man!

In a year that’s dead so soon I’d be packing up shop and selling everything off if I had that much. Of all years this is not the one to hold on until the end. 3mill= around $500 AUD.

Strictly in terms of value: The anniversary set would give you PDs in addition to the Opal. The token market Opal is just the one card and a bunch of useless Heat Checks.

And in other years I would… but I still play pro am and have already received a temp ban for selling MT, next one would be permanent. Don’t want to risk that.

For virtually the same amount of Mt you could lock the HoF set and have 1/2 end game cards.

I’d wait for the next promo to lock if you are really bent on spending your Mt. Cards are just starting to get crazy.

Already picked HOF… I’m wondering what to do with the remaining 2.5 million… Haha

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