What to do with this team now? (Willing to sell any player + 200kmt)

Kinda bored. But what are your suggestions?

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I honestly enjoy bill Russell at the 4

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Not a fan of VC?

How much MT do you have

I have around 200k mt.

Irl yes, but not of his release in game

How’s limited vince?

I’m having so much fun with him! His release has been very easy for me and he feels great on the sticks. I’m going to be keeping him in my roster at the 2. With melo at the 3.

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Thanks man. Maybe I’ll try the Unlimited first since the limited is so expensive right now.

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just get the dia for 13k

I’ve won 12 out of my last 14 games with this roster:

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Wow congrats man. Your team is looking good!

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Thanks man! I’m really happy with the roster so now I’m just going to stack some mtu wins! What’s your lineup looking like?


I sold durant/melo/jamison yesterday

I am grinding tokens for my next GO.

I got 12-0 2 weeks ago.

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Such a solid lineup! Do you get matched against lots of opals?

Yeah bro I got matched against
GoGiannis/Go Worthy/GoMalone/GoBlake / GoWilt
Line up.
Suprisingly I won :innocent:

I got matched with GO all the time and I’m using mobile date on MTU ahaha so laggy and delay

so been playing with vince and i love the card. my best offensive weapon. his release is my favorite!

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