What to do with all the cards I don't use

so I’ve got a ton of cards sitting in my binder, gold , silver bronze players, coaches, shoes, etc.

usually I just quick sell them. is that the way to go? is there any gold/silver players. playbooks that sell for good coin?

magic, warriors playbooks can sell from 3k to 5k mt.

Just put them all on bid atleast 3 times,the one that doesnt sell,put them on lowest bin(500,250).Sold everything and got 100,000k.Magic playbook sells around 8-10k,most shoes with shooting or swb sells in the thousands

Just lock in sets after I finished my god squad Ive just been locking in sets as something to do

It is so funny that there are lots of people don’t know that Magic and Wizard share the same book as well as Lakers and Warriors. Wizard and Lakers playbook sells for like 400mt

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