What to do? Lock, sell or wait? (Big O Madness)

I bought 5 x 10 pack boxes of (Madness) & pulled Melo from the 5th & final box which was real nice.:smiley:
I’ve also completed the set but haven’t locked in for Oscar but I’ve read heaps of positive reviews though.
What to do? Lock, sell or wait a bit??

It depends on what you really want. :slight_smile:


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I wouldn’t, unless you’re a big Oscar fan. There’s a long way to go, and that’s a lot of MT.


Let me tell you. If you want Oscar- lock. If you don’t want Oscar- don’t lock.



I’m 102 cards away from the GOAT reward Gianni Versace so adding more cards to my collection is what I really want ATM;
however if I sell just that Melo card now I could probably earn enough to get a combo of elite & moments cards but that would only be a few more which really isn’t that much.
I’m missing the more expensive cards like PD Wilt, Mark Price, Nique, Sabonis, Walton, etc for the elites.
For the moments it’s PD Lavine, Mitchell, Dame, PG13, KD & Klay.

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Just Sell Melo.
And you can consider locking after you sell back when you get GO Giannis.


jesus christ this sounds like a suffering

at least you got new throwback sets coming soon for another 20ish cards

Even though I would like to use PD Oscar I just might play the waiting game & sit for now.
By selling Melo I would only be getting enough back to buy more expensive, high tier cards.
It’s basically just swapping & not much gain.

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I would be about 80 or so cards away from GO Giannis after those final 2 throwback sets r released.

Yeah just remember to have fun with your current cards. No need to rush though

If a PD Penny card was released I would probably pass on Oscar & have just have Magic & Penny as the PGs.
Just like u stated no need to rush.

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Yeah I want a PD Penny too Hopefully 2K will drop it asap.

Am trying to make a choice to lock in. But that mt for melo would come in handy down the road.i would love to try out oscar. If he was a opal i would of been locked it in. Since i got AS magic already i wonder how much better is he from magic.

dont lock mayne sounds like ur more on one side of the fence than the other

if youre happy w ASG magic, think, the only thing oscar has is a better jumper and slightly better badging

that mt will be able to get you your opal magic down the line

I guess I would only sell Melo if I could then use that MT to buy like 50+ cheap as f*ck cards.
That would totally be worth it in my situation.

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Melo is a offense god, don’t sell him keep one