What time of the day do cards sell for the most MT?

I was thinking it’s best to sell when most people are on at around 5-10pm, but then I thought that it might be better to sell late at night/early morning when few cards are up… Any advice? I need to sell a PD AI.

Do you NEED to sell? or do you WANT to sell?

Best time to sell that card is when CP3 becomes lockable.

But if CP3 is lockable then Giannis is already unleashed… what will CPHobbit will do agaisnt Giannis?

I want to sell it because I don’t want to wait & I can’t stand having AI’s midget ass in my lineup anymore

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I still think hardcore collectors will lock it in.

Does your AI have shoes or a diamond contract? I sold one on PS4 today for 250.

It has a diamond contract!