What time is these new Players dropping

Is there a certain time or whenever 2k feels like it?

Premium content usually drops at 10 PST, so maybe 40 minutes. But who knows

Yup 38 minutes, give or take.

Mood between 12-1pm on Thursday’s



Sitting here at work waiting for the hype train.



Me 3

sold everything lets goooo

the ruby sprewell is going to be a day 1 cop for me. I’ll hold off on Roy for a few days most likely unless I pull him.

Should be home around 4 to clean house

I’m taking a half day at work if it’s some fire

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“Before buying new cards consult with your doctor or local Knezius”

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Were there players officially announced? If so I totally missed that

Nah. These guys just guessing.


1 JR after every loss relaxes my muscles.


I swear on sweet baby Knezius that at least one of the cards I mentioned are guaranteed. Cant reveal my sources

Pink diamond Sheck Wes that is a dynamic duo with Mo Bamba.

I think its gonna be PD Roy either Signature or set reward.