What time are TB Elites coming out today?

I want diamond Michael Redd

Ever checked when packs expire ?

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Thought they came out on Thursdays. Am I missing something?

Thursday new ones, second part Tuesday/Wednesday.

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When do packs expire?

Just go to the pack market and check the timer.

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I’m not home

I think what we’re trying to say is no one knows shit when it comes to 2k.

Hour and 55 mins till new packs.

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Thank you!

How do you know we’re getting TB Elites today? The timer says there’s still 9 days left, so couldn’t they come out any time between now and next week?

Packs have 9 days left but they usually switch up the elites around this point.

Y on players and how long they in packs 24 minutes left bro.

got it, thanks. hopefully they update it right away. sometimes it takes like an hour

@Knezius how you feeling on your pack luck?

Shit as always, i spend 550k in total so far got Amy JR smith best pull when he came out, otherwise 1 amy and rest rubies lol.

damn, good thing you’re a beast at sniping lol

Exactly lol

Eying this Oscar with contract and shoe for 110k…9 min left

Cop it