What Throwback Elites Coming Tomorrow?



Allen Iverson

I know but remember we get Throwback Elites tomorrow too. I’m more excited at a Potential Dr. J than a PD AI

For sure PD?

Dr. J? There’s already a PD for Unlimited

No, AI. By the way Ronnie looks tell as hell in your profile picture damn

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I know PD AI is coming tomorrow. I was wondering if a Diamond Dr. J is coming as well.

I’m 6’1 and Ronnie made me felt odee short

Amy Iggy with dem dunks pls.


I’m 6’4 so Ronnie def my height

Who else will be coming along with AI?

pls pls

It could be anyone from 76ers. Could be Maurice cheeks, Jrue Holiday, mcw, iguodala, billy Cunningham, Hal Greer, Wilt, dr j or Bobby Jones.

Moses Malone? Jeff Hornacek?

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Amethyst Iggy in 2k17 was absolutely insane. Put a diamond shoe on him, he was basically diamond Kobe with the defense of rodman.

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