What The?

Has HOF clamps, range, and more… wow

I won’t lie your lil fancy logo is pretty damn snazzy lol


Yessir you know the vibes


Dang, that’s a pretty juiced up Magic. Wonder why he’s only at 110k?

People not paying attention probs

is that xbox or Ps?

Playstation. You can see the X button on the bottom of the screen. :+1:

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Yesterday I got the Pantheon Magic with hof clamps, rebound chaser, green machine, volume shooter, gold blinders, rim protector, deadeye (so the most expensive gold badges), diamond contract and shoe for 42k… People are literally giving away incredible cards for free. I don’t care about hof deep threes on Magic cause his release isn’t the best and I rarely shoot with him, so this Magic will stay on my squad till the end. Even the GOAT one will basically feel the same cause this one already has his release on very quick. It’s crazy how people forget about a little older, amazing cards when they get new toys.

Lol I just got another one, this time with hof clamps, deep threes, diamond contract and 3pt grinches for 44k :laughing:

Hopefully u can make money from those… alot of people stop using old cards even tho they still very good.

Will be harder to flip for MT once season 7 starts cos cards will be on a completely different level.

Magic release is on quick. We haven’t got a VQ Magic yet.

Oh, my bad. I don’t know why I thought he has it on very quick.


Magic has a faster release than JR too, your perception is normal :smiley:

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Lmao, you really must hate this JR :joy: Btw, you saw KPJ’s price? I don’t know why people are paying 200k for a much worse JR :laughing: I wouldn’t pay 100k for him.

KPJ is cheesy dude trust me. I don’t get the JR hate man scores boatloads of buckets for me

JR is my bench sg, I know he’s not that bad, but he’s still the worst lvl 40 reward that we have ever gotten (at their time). If 2k didn’t butcher his btb and gave him very quick release everyone would be happy. But they decided to nerf him for no reason whatsoever.

Heading into the season I don’t think they even knew how high the power creep was gonna be. They should update his sigs but they can’t update badges because of people customizing him

His badges are fine. And they could have updated his sigs at any point, they just don’t want to. They did it on purpose.

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Still worth it for me. I didn’t grind and I play this game a ton so he essentially just was free and he’s amazing for me personally because I don’t dribble at all :joy:

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