What the top 20 2k20/myteam players rating should've/ should be (my opinion)

I’m going to guess that the rating scale is similar to how it like in 2k19 and I’m bored so why not

1.Lebron:Normal Rating:98 Myteam: 92- Lebron still was at a high level and got injured. Lebron rating should have stayed at a 98 because an injury shouldn’t play a factor
2. Kevin Durant : Normal rating: 97 Myteam rating: 91
Kawhi being a higher over than the snake is a complete joke. 2kstauff idk what you were smoking
3. Kawhi Leonard: Normal rating: 96 Myteam rating: 91
The fun guy coming off of a final MVP should be the third best player after that lucky playoff run for Canada.
4. James Harden: Normal rating: 96 Myteam Rating: 90
Harden still had a great season and should start off the same ovr as Kawhi
5. Damien Lillard: Normal rating: 95 Myteam Rating: 90
After being swept by the Pelicans and being top 4 Mvp candidate in 2018 Lillard had a great year and send Okc to a rebuild. Lillard in 2k20 should come with hof limitless since he was the best % wise hiting shots from the lego.
6. Anthony Davis: Normal rating: 95 Myteam Rating: 90
It’s not Ad fault that the Pelicans sat him because he demanded a trade. Ad rating shouldn’t stay the same clearly shown improvement.
7. Paul George: Normal rating: 94 Myteam rating: 90
Paul George had an MVP season and was the number 1 option. In my opinion as of right now I’ll take him over Giannis.
8. Giannis Antetokounmpo: Normal Rating: 92 Myteam Rating: 90
At first I didn’t believe Giannis was a top 15 player in 2018. This season he showed me he definitely a top 10. Giannis has ok play making and still not a good shot so for 2k rate him as a 96 is distasteful.
9. Kemba Walker: Normal Rating: 92 Myteam Rating:89
How much I hate the Celtics Kemba this season will show why he severely underrated. 2k gave him 88 which is flat out disrespectful. It’s not Kemba fault he was stuck with overpaid bums.
10. Joel Embiid: Normal rating: 91 Myteam Rating:89
Joel is interesting but too many times I watch Embiid plays it annoying. He good in the post and has a little of a 3pt shot but he tries to get the foul like Harden instead of scoring.
11. Kyrie Irving Normal Rating: 90 Myteam rating:88
Kyrie started the season slow and really disappointing season for the entire season. I still believe on a good day Kyrie capable being 2nd best pg in the league and will be much better at his home Brooklyn
12. Jokic: Normal Rating 90 Myteam rating: 88
13. Jimmy Butler: Normal rating: 89 Myteam Rating: 88
14. Westbrook: Normal rating: 89 Myteam Rating: 88
15. Klay Thompson: Normal Rating 89 Myteam Rating: 88
16. Victor Oladipo: Normal Rating 89 Myteam Rating: 88
17. Steph Curry Normal Rating: 88 Myteam rating: 87
I know this will get hate but once again in the big moment of the game Curry doesn’t show up. The only way Curry could get started was when Klay hit a shot first. Klay went down he was incapable of getting the W. 2k gave Curry a 99 three which is a joke. You can’t be the best shooter but miss every time in the big moment. Klay and Joe Harris should both have higher 3pt rating than Curry. He also never guards his own poistion.
18 Karl Anthony Towns Normal Rating: 88 Myteam Rating: 87
19. Rudy Gobert: Normal Rating 88 Myteam Rating 86
20. Blake Griffin: Normal Rating 88 Myteam Rating:86

Compare to 2k ratings

Thoughts and Opinions

League MVP can’t have the 8th highest rating. Also, besides MVP he came 2nd in DPOY votes. Completely legit for top3 imo.


Jokic should’ve been the first player ever to get a rating of 100 tbh 2k stay hating

serious question.

why have these 2k roster ratings been so hyped and talked about? They don’t matter at all in any mode outside of play now online.

2k probably just spent more money marketing these irrelevant ratings by having ESPN talk about them then they probably put into the development of the actual game.


I feel no connection to these “real” ratings at all. This is the part i care about in real life, not in a game. In myteam i do care who gets a rating cuz this should be career based l It looks like the nba players egos are the only ones giving it attention lol

You shouldn’t be 95+ if you can’t shoot in the NBA

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That narrative doesn’t make sense to me. Giannis is a real life speed boosting Shaq. Tell Shaq you wouldn’t give him a 95+ ratings.

Don’t get caught up in the shooting narrative. Giannis is actually a center that can move super fast.

Also, you forget defense, which is half the game. Harden is a little better than Giannis offensively (don’t check only the ppg, go in the deep analytics) but Giannis is a much much much MUCH better defender. You just can’t give them the same overall.

P.S. In the playoffs, Giannis shot 33% from the 3pt with almost 4 attempts per game. It’s not great of course, but he ain’t Ben Simmons either.

How exactly can Jokic get much better?

There was like 50k+ people watching there live stream. They hype it up because people seem to care a lot for whatever reason.

Healthy Durant, Kawhi, and Giannis are the 3 best players in the league and should be rated the highest.

Giannis / Kawhi / Durant - 96
LeBron / Harden / Curry - 95

The rest seem fine

this idiot just put kawhi 2 overalls below Lebum… Retire yourself


That’s a hell of first post. Welcome to the community!


Are you asking in real life?

yeah thats what I mean when I say they likely paid more for the marketing of the ratings reveal then they did for the actual development of the game. They had rachel Nichols do a segment about it on her show as well as paid all major sports media outlets to tweet about the ratings and even youtubers like LosPollos and CashNasty were paid to live tweet during the stream.

We will see if Kawhi takes the crown from Lebron next year, but I’m giving benefit of the doubt to the man who is top 3 all time to have a very strong comeback season.

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Giannis is not a speed boosting Shaq. Giannis is dominate at slashing but that shouldn’t be a 95 when 2k lists him at sf. Harden defense wasn’t good but it wasn’t bad last season. Is Giannis out here working the post and doing post move? The answer is no. I believe 92 would be a fair rating for now.

Kawhi was able to take load management and his team had a good record with him off the court. Lebron get injured and season fell off.

Lmao ur dumbass put damian lillard over giannis. I aint no giannis fan (kawhi stan since san diego) but damian lillards bum ass choked against the warriors and got carried by CJ Mccollum against the nuggets. Giannis beats lillard in every category.

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Better consistency from range, improve on an already elite post game, the natural development of his young teammates will make him better as he is a playmaker so them getting better will in turn make his numbers (mainly assists) better. Are you implying with your question that Jokic has already peaked? Lol the guy just turned 24 and is 1st team all nba

You must only watch highlights or i can’t explain how you’d say Giannis doesn’t post up. He literally drop-steps and/or up&unders someone every 3rd possesion or something. He posts up all the time (like when he pushed Simmons from the FT line all the way under the rim and then dunked on his face).

Holy shit I just realized you had Lillard and AD over Giannis. That is fucking wild lol