What the hell?

One time you see them, next time you don’t. I sniped Kerr yesterday for 10k, put him for 24h, the bid went immediately to 14750 and stayed like that till the end cause no one else could see him. Wtf is this? A glitch or they did it on purpose?

Just how it goes sometimes.


I’ve noticed that too. It’s a shame. I’ve sniped 5 Kerrs and they’ve sold for anywhere from 18-49k because of that glitch

Nobody does it on purpose lol. 2k just suck at game and server maintenance and have a lot of oversights.

You mean the auction outcome? No way kerr would go for 14k.

yeah no way there’s some weird glitch where he disappears after 5-10 mins

Yeah that’s just a mess up. There’s no glitch.


Not a glitch


Kerr is never be in the auction house with less than 3:50 mins

Its probably a visual. Bid on him in the bid screen thats what i do when i get outbid

yeah I agree it’s a visual glitch

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its visual, damn 2k bugs


The key to this is to always throw him up for a 4hour auction with the same type of pricing low bid to high buyout. Give people time to bid it up :heavy_check_mark:

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That’s what I do, and it always ends high for me^

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I wonder if he ends at that price

It’s glitched no one can even see the auction. Friend says it’s not even up lol

Never heard of that happening tbh


I haven’t seen a Steve Kerr stay up on the ah for more than ten minutes lol.

bin probably


Yeah. They probably just threw it up for a BIN