What starting pack for my team u going with

what starter pack you guys going with i cant decidee. I have deluxe copy so i think i get AD

Im thinking either HAKEEM or tmac

A kiss from a :rose:

I got Hakeem

which pack u think is best for the evo card

Went with rose

D rose or Hakeem. Idk how Hakeem is but you can get Westbrook pretty easy and he’s similar to D Rose

He’s awesome right?

Tmac and Vince are replaceable I feel like. Too many SGs out there. Rose Dirk and Hakeem best picks

well with deluxe copy i think i get AD right so if i get ad i dont think ill need a center

even if i have deluxe ad ?

Hakeem is OP against other centers right now.

And they gave have him some crazy new layup package.

He’s a sapphire. Not gonna last long. He’ll do for the meantime. So Rose might go best


Hakeem has a pretty high speed as a ruby center.
I took d Rose and he’s amazing but you can Hakeem to 70. PD cowens is like a 28 speed

Yes! Love him. Having fun upgrading Rose and Wade running in my backcourt tonight

I have russ and drose right now. Blow by speed boost are unfair.

I packed russel almost immidiately after firing up my team. Kind of made me regret taking rose

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Watching Robby 2BG vid and he very slyly said “I don’t know if you guys will listen to me, but I wouldn’t pick a shooting guard” when referring to the starter packs…

Giving a hint that a popular SG will be one of the first promos?? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Around the 1:15 Mark if y’all are interested…