What Started As 2K’s Biggest W Of The Year Quickly Turned Into Their Biggest L

Spotlight sims. The rewards were fantastic and the PDs were solid. Now, they all have been outclassed. Sabonis is 50K and can compete with Unseld which takes massive time (that I don’t have) and skill against CPUs (which I don’t have either). You can get Donovan Mitchell in 2 rookie games of domination and is equal to that of John wall, and Brandon Roy was outclassed by the likes of MJ and was never the best at his position. And as for the PDs, the only really good ones are Iverson and Wicks (unless I’m missing somebody) and Wicks’ 7’11” wingspan is a hoax. Very disappointed by the results of this set of spotlight sims and am hoping for much better rewards next time around.


Kobe Grind’s Hakeem last year was so nice. he could even compete with GOAT Hakeem


This thread is just …pointless and wrong. Not sure any other words fit. It’s wrong on almost every single point that was attempted to be made. The only accurate point was Wicks wingspan. Everything else is just…inaccurate.

Like why would you mislead new users into thinking Donovan Mitchell compares to John Wall? Why would you do that ?


sabonis isn’t even in the same stratosphere as wes


I would like to know why Mitchell isn’t just as good as Wall. Better jumpshot, slightly worse defense, and fantastic speed. Wall is very very good but so is Mitchell. And when it’s as easy as it is to get him, Wall becomes totally not worth it. And as for Wes, he’s great but short and also not worth the countless hours. This is an L; plain and simple. Don’t like my opinion? Good for you. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.


John Wall is a lot better the Mitchell


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No homework needed my friend; I’m not playing 101 games (35 HOF games) for a card that is just slightly better than Mitchell. My opinion. You have your own, and I respect that

Also. Unseld like 100x better than sabonis.

One of those cards has curry slide, HOF clamps, better 3 ball, faster, better defense, HOF showtime, and no steady shooter. That would be wes unseld


Next gen sabonis is better for sure you right

Edit: in comparison to current gen sabonis not Wes

Wes unseld is better on last gen current gen next gen and the next next gen


Wes isn’t even comparable to sabonis lol. Wall is def not worth it but he’s a small point guard so that was to be expected

Going to clean up and delete the bickering. People are free to disagree civilly. It’s part of conversation. Have a debate. But don’t have the basis of your debate be: your viewpoint is invalid, but I won’t bother to explain why.


Wall looks big to me tho whenever I see him

Whereas Mitchell looks like a midget


Its a free PG thats near or on the same level as Doncic, Magic, etc. Def worth it because you can grind XP while doing it and you get a top tier PF in unself and a starting or bench SG in B roy

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Mitch is 6’1 with 60 strength, i repeat 60. You can just turbo and blow him. Magic’s wind can throw him out of bounds. Those fancy badges won’t stop big guards. Wall is the top free PG u can grab, prolly in top5 for now. They are not on the same tier my friend. But i agree with your take mostly.


Believe it or not, Dark Matter MJ and Zion will eventually be outclassed. No cards that come out in March or February will be viable in June. I promise… so if you go into any kind of grind, or lock a set for anything less than a GOAT card with maxed tendencies and perfect animations expecting to get an end-game caliber card, it’s a mistake. The best you can hope for in March is to get cards that will last you 2-3 months max.



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I do find it funny that if they dont release cards that the NMS crowd can grind for they get yelled at bc they are pay to win. Then they release too many cards that are cheap and yet again people complain. This is one of the dumber threads of the year

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Nah I think this is super dumb. Is Sabonis comparable to Unseld? Yeah, maybe, he’s super good. But Unseld is an incredible, viable anywhere, PF for free. BRoy is an incredible, viable anywhere SG. Wall, sure, not an elite PG by any means, but definitely viable. You get these three cards and a host of enjoyable PDs for a free grind that isn’t even bad, and a grind you can do while working on cards like Donovan Mitchell and David Robinson who will also last 1-2 months. Chill tf out.

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